My Process

If you want to know what it would like to work with me, here’s a look at my process and what you can expect.


1. Chat

I want to take the time to connect in person and talk about your needs, goals and aspirations. If meeting face-to-face doesn’t work for you, I will happily accommodate to best serve you. If you like questionnaires, more power to you!

2. Plan

Whatever the scale of your project, a clear plan helps you sleep at night and me work confidently to fulfill those dreams you’ll have time for. I’ll research and gather information to come up with a plan, work with you to establish a timeline and keep you up to speed every step of the way.

3. Create

Everything I do starts with the timeless dance of pencil meeting paper. I’ll work from there, transferring these concepts to digital form and refining them based on your feedback, until we reach your final deliverable.

4. Dance

My goal is to take all the stress out of the equation for you. I’ll act as your ambassador to handle all the boring and confusing steps between you saying, “Perfecto!” and having the finished product in-hand.

5. Finale

Your project is finished and you start reaping the benefits. But hopefully our relationship is just beginning!

Matthew Pearce Anderson

Matthew Pearce Anderson

Owner, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Creativity has driven my life since donning a bucket made you a knight and the world was composed in Crayola. That same imaginative spirit is the catalyst to my work. This is more than a career, it’s a way of life. So, whether I’m “on the clock” or not, I spend my days exploring and creating. In my spare time, I enjoy art-making, music, movies, comic books and playing with Legos.


Honest feedback from my clients is always appreciated! If we’ve worked together, you can write a review on Pearce Studio’s Google Places page or Facebook Page.

Matthew was a great sounding board to bounce ideas off of. Being one who is not artistically gifted i was able to simply communicate to him what i saw in my mind’s eye and see it come to life via his hands.

Scott M.

Rice Lake Bible Chapel

I have had a great experience working with Pearce Studio! Matthew helped us as a brand new church (new business) with all our branding and coming up with a cohesive look. He is professional and prompt in his communication. I would definitely recommend his services to any non-profit or business that is looking for design work.

Erik L.

Mosaic Church

Matt has been developing some marketing postcards for our company. He has been very efficient and cost effective. Matt returns emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. I highly recommend Matt.

Debra U.

Coldwell Banker Vision

Matthew created logos and a “brand look” for our non-profit organization. He gathered information to better understand the look and feel we were going for, and came up with the perfect graphics and logos for us. We highly recommend him!

Renee J.

Quest Discipleship Ministries

Matt continues to create a number of publications and design projects for us. We are always impressed by his creativity and his ability to capture our vision through images and text.

Jane T.

River of Life

Matt is our marketing consultant at Coldwell Banker Vision and is providing quality mailing pieces for monthly mailings as well as in-home brochures and flyers. We’ve been very satisfied with his turn-around-time on the pieces, his communication with us, and his reliability.

Debbie C.

Coldwell Banker Vision

Pearce Studio designed a logo for our local church and college ministry. It was a joy working with them. Matt was professional, consistent, and creative. If your organization needs branding I recommend Pearce Studio!

Demetrius C.

Morning Star Baptist